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Acqua Classica
di Napoli


Explore the timeless elegance of the Acqua Classica di Napoli Classic Perfume Line.

Acqua Classica di Napoli Collection

The soul of Naples

Timeless fragrances that convey the true essence of Naples

The grandchildren of the founder of the Pepino perfumeries have taken over their great-grandfather's work, elaborating formulas and reviving ideas and projects that were already a success in the early 20th century when the family supplied powder to the De Filippo family and when Berenice brilliantine was a cult product for the entire Neapolitan bourgeoisie.

Explore the Essence of Naples

Acqua Classica di Napoli

A fresh and lively perfume emerges like a citrus melody, evoking the smell of the Naples air like a marine embrace. The sparkling notes of lemon and bitter orange dance like brushstrokes on the canvas of the mind, evoking strolls along the seafront, where the sea sparkles like precious gems.

Each creation of the Classic Line carries with it a deep connection to the history, culture and timeless beauty of this fascinating Italian city.

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